Fiesta Birthday Goody Bags

Today I will be providing a tutorial on how to create the Fiesta Birthday Goody Bags I posted a picture of yesterday.

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Trim a full piece of cardstock to 8″ x 11″ and the designer series paper to 6″ x 12″.

Using the gift bag punch, following directions (included in packaging) for the medium size bag.   This will yield a bag 3 1/8″ wide by 2″ deep.  The height will be about 7″.  The 8″ paper will hang slight over the bag punch and will not be scored, but this did not affect the quality or appearance of the gift bag at all.  Only score the cardstock at this point.

Overlay the designer series paper over the scored cardstock and mark where the scored lines are.  Then score the designer series paper with your paper trimmer, including the triangular score marks.

IMG_5783 v3

**I found this to be more accurate than measuring the designer series paper and scoring without comparing to the scored cardstock.

IMG_5787 v3

Adhere the designer series paper to the cardstock (I used the multipurpose liquid glue) before assembling and let the glue dry for several minutes.  It’s good to do these in batches, so you’re continually in production.

Assemble the bag according to the provided instructions, add ribbon, and embellish with the Fiesta Birthday stamp set and the Fiesta Time Framelits.

**When assembling you will see the designer series paper is longer by about an inch.  Cut the extra strip with the paper trimmer.  Alternatively, you can cut the DSP to 11″ prior to adhering to the cardstock.  However, as with the scoring, I found the method of cutting after aligns the two papers more accurately.

IMG_5991 v3

Hope you have found this tutorial useful.

Come back tomorrow to find out how to make the goodies found inside these goody bags!

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